Responsibilities Responsibilities


Major activities of the international affair office at College of Science are as follows:

1. Active presence of the University in international associations and scientific networks

2. Arrange official visits of foreign university dignitaries and mutual visits of academic, research and managerial delegations to expand the already-established ties

3. Increase the presence of foreign scholars and students at the University

4. Provide financial assistance to over 1000 faculty members and graduate students of the University to attend international conferences every year

5. Provide administrative assistance and financial support for the sabbatical leave of faculty members

6. Exchange ideas and experiences with foreign universities in promoting virtual programs, and production of knowledge at the global scene

7. Assist the University graduates to seek jobs in international markets

8. Promote creative teaching employing successful international programs.

9. Provide scholarship for foreign students and acquire scholarship for the students of the University.



  • Administrative assistance of all internationally related task of the college
  • Mutual visit of academic staff
  • Creating the infrastructure for the presence of international scholar
  • Financial support for attending conferences and establishing academic networks
  • Establishment and monitoring the memorandums and exchange programs
  • Assisting the University graduates and academic staff in seeking international grants or jobs