Overview of the Services Overview of the Services

Awareness of University and College Services


  • Reserve food
  • Loan
  • Student Insurance
  • Bank card business
  • Student dormitory
  • Students with sample
  • Cultural Affairs College of Science
  • Department of Physical Education
  • Counseling College of Science

Providing business bank account number

At the beginning of the school year an account number is  offered  to new students to carry out tasks related to the loan , Nutrition Affairs, etc . you should receive your  account number and  bank card during health monitoring program of  University.


Declaration of top student

All undergraduate and graduate students who have completed 50% of  their courses and also PhD students who have defended their proposal, do the following steps for the selection as an top(exemplar) student

• Referring to tusca.ut.ac.ir website and getting a form by student

• Delivering   the forms and relevant documents to Student Affairs on time

• checking documents in related Committee and sending to the Student Affairs Office


Cultural Affairs College of Science

  • Student organizations include:

  • The Islamic Society of Students
  • Basij
  • Islamic Association
  • Student Union Council
  • Scientific Community

• Celebrate Graduation

• Celebration of incoming new students


Student Insurance

Students have the two types of insurance:

  • Health insurance Tehran University students:

All students in each academic year due to the necessity of health insurance can offer their request for the issuance to the Student Affairs Campus by presenting  the required documents. It is noted that 50% of students are insured by the Deposit Receipt.

University Health Center account and the remaining 50% is paid by the University in the form of grants.

  • Students accident insurance: compensation for bodily injury caused by an accident or death


Department of Physical Education

• Talent identification  and introducing  the students to participate in university sports festival

• Training of participated  teams in the festival and tooling the mentioned teams

• Fitness classes with student discount

• Competitions on various occasions

 • Sports Hall College of Science Department


Counseling College of Science

Students can use the Office services by calling 66413346 number  or visiting us at the address: Qods Avenue, Shafie Alley, No. 5, Third Floor, Unit 7 visit.


Counseling and academic achievement

1. constant monitoring of the educational process with the use of student education records

2. Creating  an intimate relationship to identify the talents and academic, social and emotional needs of students

3. trying to find appropriate solutions within the framework of laws and facilities and Following-up to assist the development of talent, meeting the needs and obstacles

4. Create proper condition for family interaction, and university students in psychological, educational, welfare, ...


Presence days

Saturday to Wednesday from 8 till 15:30

Phone: 66413346-09197118443

Address: Qods Avenue , Shafie Alley, No. 5, Third Floor, Unit 7


Student and Cultural Affairs of College of Science includes the following departments:

-Student affairs

-cultural Affairs

- Department of Physical Education

- Education and development consultancy services

- the nutrition affairs


Student Affairs

Presented services in Student affairs of  the College of Science include: payment of the loan, student accommodation, settlement  of graduate students.

Student Dormitory: Students can register to inform stakeholders and the dormitories regulations refer to the site http://kooy.ut.ac.ir.


Cultural Affairs

Student elections and graduation ceremony is held with collaboration of colleagues at the redirected Cultural Affairs, Cultural Affairs also oversees the activities of the scientific community, the Islamic Basij and the Council.

Some of Department of Physical Education duty

Among the tasks of physical education include:

- Talent and introduce university students to participate in sports festival

- The training and equipping of teams participating in the festival- Competitions on several occasions

- Department of Sport Hall College of Science

The services provided at this office include the following:

-           Continuous assessment of the students educational process using study of students records

-           To communicate sincerely to identify talent and emotional needs of students

-           To find appropriate solutions within the framework of laws and follow-up to assist the growth and development of needs of students

-           Creating the enabling environment for family interaction, student and psychological aspects, education, welfare ….

Nutrition Affairs

-           Students can apply to reserve a meal on site http://dining.ut.ac.ir

-           Have your student card to refer to the school cafeterias

-           Close your student card into the card reader to receive food

Receiving food if you do not, or forgot student ID

-           Sign up on the Internet to the food reservation part

-           Enter to the forgotten code menu and get your code and write.

-           Refer to the self-service and enter your code to the card reader of food delivery and then receive your food

Evidently, the forgotten code is limited, so bring your student card.

Food on sale

If you have not booked the food previously, you can use food on sale after 13:15. Make the ensure of balance of card and refer to the nutrition affairs.

Pay attention to the following:

-           Food Distribution: From 11/15  to 13/15

-           Time Reservations: by the end of Tuesday each week. Otherwise, if available please use the food on sale.

-           Time of Day sales: 30/13 to 15/13 hours in case of availability of food


Weekly food program

-           Food program is visible on the University site.

-           Self-service: There are 2 types of food in a day, that you can select  one of them in the delivery of food.

-           College of Science and  Faculty of Physics have a buffet restaurant and a student restaurant 

-           You can reserve your lunch in Science and Physics self service during the week except Thursday and Friday

Food reservation procedure:

-           Log in Tehran University nutrition part to address http://dining.ut.ac.ir

-           Write "Student Number" as user name  and "national code" as the password.

-           In the food reservation menu, in respect to the your credit account, you can reserve  lunch, dinner and breakfast for next weeks.

Pay the price of food / increase in credit

-           Preparation of bank card: You must receive your credit card from university or use your private credit card. In addition, you can use any bank card belong to acceleration network.

-           log in to the address http://dining.ut.ac.ir

-           In your user menu, click on the increased credit link

-           Select the faculty and desired meal.  In addition, enter the amount of money that you want. Finally, select one the names of banks.

-           In the bank page, enter the number on the card then the CVV2 number, second password and card expiration date. Accept the continues messages. Note the message of ((increase your credibility was successful)).