Faculty Members of Department of Mathematics Faculty Members of Department of Mathematics

Faculty Members of Department of Mathematics



Reza Ameri

  • Hyperstructures theory, algebraic and logical structures, and fuzzy algebra; in particular,
  •     Hypergroups, hyperrings, hypermodules, and their fundamental relations;
  •     Module theory;
  •     Multialgebras.

Tel: +98 21 6111 2615  
Email: ameri@ut.ac.ir


Mohammad Bagher Asadi

  • Functional analysis, and operator theory; more specifically,
  •     Operator algebras;
  •     Hilbert C*-modules & frame theory;
  •     Matrix analysis (numerical ranges).

Tel: +98 21 6111 2484
Email: mb.asadi@khayam.ut.ac.ir   


Fatemah Ayatoallah Zadeh Shirazi

  • Analysis and topological dynamics, in particular,
  • Transformation groups and ergodic theory; 
  • Topological dynamical systems and general topology.

Tel: +98 21 6111 2620   

Email: fatemah@khayam.ut.ac.ir



Mohammad Reza Darafsheh

  • Finite groups, their characters and numerical characterization;
  • Combinatorics of graphs, designs and codes;
  • Finite fields and their applications on simple groups of Lie type.

Tel: +98 21 6111 2620  

Email: daraf@khayam.ut.ac.ir




Mahdi reza Darvishzadeh

  • Differential geometry;
  • Game theory.


Tel: +98 21 6111 2894   

Email: darvishzadeh@khayam.ut.ac.ir



Amir Ghadermarzi

  • Number theory, more specifically,
  • Diophantine equations;
  • Diophantine approximation.

Tel: +98 21 6111   

Email:  a.ghadermarzi@khayam.ut.ac.ir



Alireza Hosseini

  • Numerical analysis & optimization, in particular,
  • Numerical linear algebra;
  • Neurodynamical optimization.

Tel: +98 21 6111

Email: hosseini.alireza@ut.ac.ir



Mahdi Khajeh Salehani

  • Differential geometry, from both theoretical and interdisciplinary standpoints; in particular,
  • Lie theory, Riemannian, semi- and sub-Riemannian geometries;
  • Geometric mechanics, esp. non-holonomic mechanics, and geometry of control systems;
  • Mathematical aspects of classical and celestial mechanics, esp. the 3-body problem.

Tel: +98 21 6111 3659

Email: salehani@ut.ac.ir



Reza Rezavand

  • Harmonic analysis, and its related Banach algebras; in particular,
  • Amenability and amenability-like properties of Banach algebras;
  • Fourier and Fourier-Stieltjes algebras of inverse semigroups, groupoids and quantum groups;
  • Nuclearity and Morita equivalence of C*-algebras and W*-algebras of locally compact groups and inverse semigroups.

Tel: +98 21 6111 2915 

Email: rezavand@khayam.ut.ac.ir



Gholamreza Rokni lamouki

  • Dynamical systems, control theory and multivariable calculus; in particular
  • Bifurcation theory;
  • Nonlinear adaptive control and partial stability;
  • Topological concepts with applications in calculus.

Tel: +98 21 6111 2613  

Email: rokni@khayam.ut.ac.ir



Hossein Sabzrou

  • Combinatorial commutative algebra, and its connections to algebraic geometry and computational algebra; in particular,
  • Toric ideals, lattice ideals, and their applications;
  • Monomial ideals, multigraded modules, and Alexander duality;
  • Grbner bases, and other bases for ideals and modules.

Tel: +98 21 6111 3659  

Email: sabzrou@khayam.ut.ac.ir





Seyed Amin Seyed Fakhari

  • Algebraic combinatorics, extremal combinatorics, and commutative algebra; in particular,
  • Combinatorial aspects of commutative algebra;
  • Combinatorial aspects of simplicial complexes;
  • Extremal set theory.

Tel: +98 21 6111   

Email: aminfakhari@ut.ac.ir  



Majid Soleimani Damaneh

  • Operations research and optimization (ORO) from both theoretical and applied standpoints, in particular,
  • Vector optimization;
  • Nonsmooth optimization;
  • Linear and nonlinear programming, and applied ORO.

Tel: +98 21 6111 2613   

Email: soleimani@khayam.ut.ac.ir



Siamak Yassemi

  • Commutative algebra, in particular,
  • Topological combinatorics, incl. connections with graph theory;
  • Homological and combinatorial methods in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry;
  • Representation theory of algebras and algebraic K-theory.

Tel: +98 21 6111 2615 

Email: yassemi@ut.ac.ir



Rahim Zaare-Nahandi

  • Algebraic geometry; Computational and combinatorial aspects. In particular,
  • Combinatorial commutative algebra with algebro-geometric roots;
  • Classification of Cohen-Macaulay simplicial complexes and their generalizations;
  • Cellular resolution of monomial ideals.

Tel: +98 21 6111 2894 

Email: rahimzn@ut.ac.ir



Hadi Zare

  • Algebraic topology with applications to differential topology, in particular,
  • Homotopy theory of Madsen-Tillmann spectra;
  • Infinite loop space theory, particularly, Curtis-Madsen conjecture on the type of spherical classes in homology of QS0.

Tel: +98 21 6111 2915  
Email: hadi.zare@khayam.ut.ac.ir