Two year research plan (2016-2018) Department of Statistics Two year research plan (2016-2018) Department of Statistics

Two year research plan (2016-2018) / Department of Statistics



Biostatistics; Computational biology; Applications in engineering and industry; Statistical quality control; Applications to environmental statistics; Applications to dictionary learning


Decision theory

Complete class results; Bayesian problems; Empirical Bayes procedures; Admissibility; Mini-max procedures; Minimum risk estimation; Selection procedures


Linear inference, regression


General nonlinear regression; Linear regression; Ridge regression; Generalized linear models, Partially linear models, Diagnostics; Robust regression and outlier detection; Functional regression models; Latent Gaussian models


Mathematical finance


Numerical methods (including Monte Carlo methods); Statistical methods; Econometrics


Parametric inference


Point estimation; Bayesian inference; Inference under constraints; Robust Bayes;


Statistical data analysis


Statistical methods for incomplete data, Sensitivity analysis; Imputation methods; Longitudinal data analysis; Functional data analysis


Stochastic processes


Foundations of stochastic processes; Stationary processes; Continuous time and discrete time processes; Markov models; Hidden Markov models; Time series; Extreme value theory


Survival analysis and censored data


Censored data models and estimation; Reliability analysis, Accelerated life testing, Competing risk models, Degradation models