Library Library

Objectives and tasks of the library



  • Providing access to scientific and research resources and teaching use of scientific sources in order to improve the quality of library services and elimination of  referrers requirements.


  • Providing  the library resources
  • Management of  library resources
  • Teaching the referrers in order to search, recovery and use of scientific sources in the form of courses and workshops

Different parts of library:

Lending books:

Library activities are in order to meet the needs of its users. These services include:

  • Registration
  • Lending and returning the books
  • Book reservation
  • Pay off
  • Resources amplification
  • Books order
  • Inter- library book lending
  • Teaching the users to access to scientific resources

Information Sector (Kavosh)


  • Introduction of  electronics journals, databases and  electronic books purchased by Tehran University
  • Meetings and workshops for visitors in order to introduction of search and recovery of online and offline database information
  • Evaluation of  information of users through workshops, educational class and tour.
  • Training and response to the users questions through leaning in different ways for verbal and non-verbal
  • Preparation of manuals, handbooks and training packages
  • Preparing and completing bank software, scientific applications, including software, scientific, educational aids, textbooks, etc.
  • Lending services and virtual copy from electronic resources available in the database of the library
  • Providing document delivery services
  • Amin plan
  • Ghadir plan


Library holds the following workshops in groups of 5 to 10 :

  1. Training the use of resources and full-text databases
  2. Training the use of library software
  3. Training the use of printed resources of chemical abstracts


Chemistry abstracts hall:


In this sections abstracts from 1989-1907 and 1997-1994 is covered


  • Training the process of searching and retrieving abstracts entries individually or in groups
  • Duplicating of entries requested by applicants

 Reference hall


  • Answering to the referred, urgent and topical questions
  • Assisting applicants in use of references
  • Accompanying the users in searching in database and retrieving references
  • Providing copy of references

Latin reservoir supplies


  • Searching the information cognitive article
  • Directing applicants in retrieving available articles
  • Providing copy of articles



Persian thesis and articles


  • Responding to in-person applicants
  • Responding to online applicants (through phone and email)
  • Searching requested topics and thesis in thesis database
  • Updating and corroction of thesis in database

Order section



  • References selection through providing different topical indexes of valid publishers
  • Sending list to representatives of faculties in executive council library
  • Ordering and purchasing books through international and professional exhibitions
  • Book donation to libraries of universities in deprived areas of country or any other library requesting it.
  • Performing binding resources affairs


References organization section




  • Indexing and classification of books
  • Documenting issues
  • Documenting the names of celebrities and authors
  • Descriptors documentation
  • Indexing thesis
  • Entering information of references in Simorgh software and Tehran University library system
  • Providing references technically
  • Management of databases in Simorgh software


Administration and Management



  • Drafting  library policies and procedures and reviewing them
  • Participating in coordinating council session of Tehran University
  • Participating in proffessional committies related to coordination councils
  • Participating in research council campus sessions
  • Helding council meetings for library policy and planning
  • Helding  library executive council meetings
  • Helding specialized courses and administrative meetings
  • Planning, supervising and organizing of financial and technical affairs of library
  • Taking all necessary measures to improve and enhance current affairs
  • Monitoring the progress of activities in different sectors and coordination between the various units of the library
  • The annual evaluation of employees
  • Monitoring the employees trainings under authorities cooperations
  • Monitoring the implementation of honoring clients and potential grievance, as the case
  • Official correspondence


The library of the college is located in the third floor of the main building:

The library search link:

The library holds around:

Farsi Books

28386     Volumes

Latin Books

43293              "


21761               "     

Farsi Journals

2990          Issues  

Latin Journals

18212                  "

Farsi Audio & Visuals

489            Volumes   

Latin Audio & Visuals

1371                  "

Farsi Thesis

5188                  "

Latin Thesis

67                       "

Information Databases

20               Title














Lending books sector: 8 am to 9 pm

Other sectors: 8 am to 4 pm

Thursdays: 8 am to 12


Web log address


Management sector: 66495290-661112616

Manager Email address:


Lending sector: 61113634

Lending email address:


Kavosh sector: 61113635

Kavosh email address:


Journals, Dissertations sector, Ghadir plan: 61113633

Electronic journals: