Dining Affairs Dining Affairs


Dining Affairs of the College solve the student's problems in food reservation, increasing the credit of their card, card activation, Check out, etc. Dining Affairs of Campus also monitor the performance of staffs in self-services for cooking and distribution of food. College of Science has a restaurant and buffet (coffee shop) for students in College of Science and School of Physics (not in main Campus). 




Food Distribution: From 11:30-13:30

Reservation time: Until to end of Tuesday of each week, you have time to reserve week's food. In otherwise you can use food on sale if it be available.

Time of day sales: 13:15-13:30 hours in case of availability of food.


Food prices:
Student reserve price has not been announced in the new year
  Student Sales: 1000 Rials
  Food on sale: 1500 Rials

Daily food plan:
Diet program of university is visible on the web site http://dining.ut.ac.ir
Self-service: there are 2 types of food in self-services each day that you can select one of them.


Food intake:
1-  Go to self-service of university with yours student card.

2-   By closing your student card to the card reader of self-service receive your food.



Food intake if you don't have student card or forget to bring it:

  1. Log in to self-service web site
  2. Enter in forgotten code menu to receive and note your code
  3. referred to self-service and enter the forgotten code to card reader of self service and receive

Evidently, any student can receive limited code in a period of time. So, please bring your student card.



Food on sale
If you have not reserved the food in previous week, only in food availability condition after 13:15, you can use from food on sale.  So after ensuring of enough charge in your card, go to nutrition affairs and receive the jetton of food on sale. 

Then go to self-service and keep your card in front of the machine and press the OK button.




You can reserve your food for all days (except Thursday and Friday). Student can reserves their food in nutrition automation system either for either the College of Science or School of Physics or both. Food program in both campuses of science and physics is the same.




Food reservation steps:
1. Log in to the University of Tehran nutrition system in address of http://dining.ut.ac.ir.
2. Enter your student number in the user name box and your national code in the password box.

3. In the menu of food reservation, regard to your credit in the card, you can reserve food for lunch, dinner and breakfast of next weeks.




Pay the price food, increase in credit

Steps for increase in credit:


1- Preparation of bank credit card: you can obtain the bank card from university or use your previous bank card. You can use any bank card that is the member of acceleration system.

2- Enter in the nutrition site to address of http://dining.ut.ac.ir.

  1. In the user menu, click on credit increase. Select the name of campus and the amount of credit that you want to increase and finally select one bank link to do this task.

In bank page, first enter your card number in related boxes, and then enter the cvv2, second password and expire time and press OK.

Cvv2: is a 3 or 4 digits number that exist in back of each bank card. If there isn't this numbers in the back of your card, you should go to ATM of your bank and receive this code.

The second internet password: after referring to related ATM devises, you should enter a 5-12 digits number in changing second internet password menu, and remember this number.

Expire date: there is an expire date on your bank card. If there isn't this date on the card, this card will be expired after 5 years from issue date.


  1. Then verify messages.
  2. You should see the massage of "increase your credit was successful"
  3. It is emphasized that using any bank card, you can deposit the money to campus and dormitory accounts for lunch and dinner, respectively. 



The Students can reserve their food of interest by internet and increase their credit for receive the food from campus and dormitory using their bank card.