Workshop on Modal Logic and its Application in Computer Science - September 17 - 21 2016


Workshop on Modal Logic and its Application in Computer Science


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17 - 21 September 2016

University of Tehran

School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

Hashtroodi hall


Modal logic is a subfield of mathematical and philosophical logic,  able to reason about prepositional and temporal attitudes such as knowledge and belief, necessity and possibility, future and past. From one hand,  this has made modal logics inherently suitable for reasoning about  artificially intelligent agents, on the other hand, these logics have  been widely applied to reasoning about computer programs and protocols. At the same time,  modal logics themselves benefit from rich and beautiful underlying  mathematical theories. This workshop spans all these fields by covering recent advances in the theories of modal logics and their applications in computer science. 

The goal of the workshop is to bring together students and academics from Iranian universities  and universities in the other parts of the world. The objective is to provide a forum to allow Iranian and foreign logicians share their knowledge and recent results,  help facilitate collaborations and exchanges of projects and students, and help  Iranian students benefit from recent advances in the field of logic and its applications to computer science.

The workshop will start with two days of tutorials, followed by three days of talks. Both of these are given by Iranian and foreign invited speakers. The main workshop has a special session for Iranian logic students to present their work and interact with speakers.