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Two year research plan (2016-2018) Department of Computer Science

Two year research plan (2016-2018) Department of Computer Science


Two year research plan (2016-2018) /Department of Computer Science

Theory of data

Data structures: Searching and sorting; Information storage and retrieval; Data encryption; Coding and information theory

Theory of computing

Models of computation; Complexity classes; Computational difficulty of problems; Descriptive complexity and finite models, Analysis of algorithms and problem complexity, Algorithmic information theory; Computational learning theory; Grammars and rewriting systems; Formal languages and automata; Semantics

Discrete and combinatorial mathematics

Combinatorics; Combinatorics on words; Graph theory

Artificial intelligence

Learning and adaptive systems; Machine vision and scene understanding; Image and Video analysis; Pattern recognition, speech recognition; Problem solving; Logic in artificial intelligence; Knowledge representation; Classification and discrimination; cluster analysis; Image and Video analysis


Parallel algorithms; Design and Analysis of algorithms; Combinatorial algorithms; Bioinformatic algorithm

Logic, Language and Computation

Modal logic; Logic of natural languages; Logic in computer science, Proof Theory, Complexity of proofs, Categorical logic

Mathematical biology in general

General biology and biomathematics; Taxonomy, statistics; General biostatistics; Neural networks, artificial life and related topics;  Biological rhythms and synchronization

Physiological, cellular and medical topics

Systems biology, networks; Medical applications ; Biomedical imaging and signal processing