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Research Interests of Department of Computer Science

Research Interests of Department of Computer Science


Research Interests of  Department of Computer Science

Computer system organization

Network design and communication, Network protocols, Distributed systems


Programming languages; programming techniques; Compilers and interpreters; Operating systems; Mini-max procedures

Theory of data

Data structures: Searching and sorting; Database theory; Information storage and retrieval; Data encryption; Coding and information theory

Theory of computing


Models of computation; Complexity classes; Computational difficulty of problems; Descriptive complexity and finite models, Analysis of algorithms and problem complexity, Algorithmic information theory; Computational learning theory; Grammars and rewriting systems; Formal languages and automata; Semantics

Discrete mathematics in relation to computer science

Combinatorics; Graph theory; Combinatorics on words

Artificial intelligence


Learning and adaptive systems; Pattern recognition, speech recognition; Problem solving; Logic in artificial intelligence; Knowledge representation; Machine vision and scene understanding; Classification and discrimination; cluster analysis;Image and Video analysis


Parallel algorithms; Analysis of algorithms; Combinatorial algorithms,

General logic

Temporal logic; Modal logic; Logic of natural languages; Logic in computer science, Recursion Theory, Proof Theory, Complexity of proofs, Categorical logic

Computability and recursion theory

Automata and formal grammars in connection with logical questions; Turing machines and elated notions; Complexity of computation; Recursive functions and relations; subrecursive hierarchies ; Recursively (computably) enumerable sets and degrees;  Algorithmic randomness and dimension; Undecidability and degrees of sets of sentences;  Computability and recursion theory on ordinals; admissible sets

Proof theory and constructive mathematics

Proof theory, general  ; Structure of proofs; Functionals in proof theory; Complexity of proofs; First-order arithmetic and fragments; Second- and higher-order arithmetic and fragments;  Gödel numberings and issues of incompleteness; Provability logics and related algebras (e.g., diagonalizable algebras);  Constructive and recursive analysis 

Algebraic logic

Boolean algebras; Lattices and related structures; Abstract algebraic logic; Categorical logic, topoi

Mathematical biology in general

General biology and biomathematics; Taxonomy, statistics; General biostatistics; Neural networks, artificial life and related topics;  Biological rhythms and synchronization

Physiological, cellular and medical topics

Developmental biology, pattern formation; Neural biology; Cell biology; Biochemistry, molecular  biology; Systems biology, networks; Medical applications ; Biomedical imaging and signal processing