Rector of University of Sarajevo visited the president of the College of Science

Rector of University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Prof. Skrijelj) after signing an MOU with the president of the University of Tehran (Prof. Nili), participated in a lunch ceremony of the president of the college of science on Sunday 18 th February. The accompanying delegation included the vice-rector for educational affairs, vice-rector of international relations and a professor in philosophy with the knowledge in the Persian language. The rector of the University of Sarajevo and his delegation received the presentation/information of the educational/research aspects of the College of Science and also visited the zoology museum. Prof. Skrijelj mentioned to the similarity of the College of Scince in both universities in terms of the size and spectrum of the activities and he suggested the initiation of the inter-university cooperation by the student exchange at the PhD level especially for the sabbatical study purposes.

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