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Leavitt Path Algebras

Leavitt Path Algebras

Workshop on

Leavitt Path Algebras & Graph C*-Algebras

University of Tehran

 1-3 July 2018 (10-12 Tir 1397)


 Despite being introduced only 10 years ago, Leavitt path algebras have arisen in a variety of different contexts as diverse as analysis, symbolic dynamics, noncommutative geometry, and representation theory. In fact, Leavitt path algebras are algebraic counterpart to graph C*-algebras, a theory which has become an area of intensive research globally. There are strikingly parallel similarities between these two theories. Even more surprisingly, one cannot (yet) obtain the results in one theory as a consequence of the other; the statements look the same, however, the techniques to prove them are quite different. These all suggest that there might be a bridge between Algebra and Analysis yet to be uncovered.



Mehdi Aaghabali

Masoud Amini

Mohammad Bagher Asadi  

Rahim Zare-Nahandi



Nasser Golestani (Tarbiat Modares University, Iran)

Roozbeh Hazrat (Western Sydney University, Australia)

Hossein Larki (Chamran University of Ahwaz, Iran)

Mercedes Siles Molina (University of Malaga, Spain)

    11-12:30     14-15:30     16-17:30  
1 July (10 Tir)
Roozbeh Hazrat
Intruduction to LPA (I) 
 Roozbeh Hazrat
 Introduction to LPA (II)
Mercedes Molina
Local algebras at elements
Mercedes Molina
Morita equivalence for idempotent rings
2 July (11 Tir)
Roozbeh Hazrat
Graded ring theory
Roozbeh Hazrat
Classification of LPAs via K-Theory
Hossein Larki
Purely infinite LPAs
Hossein Larki
Classification of simple LPAs
3 July (12 Tir)
Mercedes Molina
Morita invariant properties
Mercedes Molina
Morita invariant properties for LPAs
Nasser Golestani
Graph C*-algebras (I)
Nasser Golestani
Graph C*-algebras (II)








Venue: School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, University of Tehran

For registration and further information, please contact to Mehdi Aaghabali:


The talks are accessible to undergraduate students with background in algebra and analysis

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