International School on Topological and Geometric Combinatorics - February 13-15, 2017


International School on Topological and Geometric Combinatorics


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February 13-15, 2017


University of Tehran

School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

Hashtroodi hall


Combinatorics is one of the fastest developing research areas  of Mathematics. Much of this development is due to its connections and interactions with other areas of Mathematics, like Algebra, Geometry, Optimization and Topology. This school is devoted to the active area of interaction between Combinatorics with Geometry and Topology. More precisely, the following subjects will be covered in the school:

1. Applications of Topological Combinatorics

2. Modern Convex Geometry

3. Tropical Geometry

The goal of this event is to help the graduate students and young researchers to become familiar with the high standard topics and with the researches of international mathematicians. On the other hand, the invited speakers of the school will recognize the ability of our students and their mathematical knowledge. This will help both sides to make the best decision for starting any exchange collaboration.